Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing With The Keller Quads

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning you will know my friend Michelle and will remember this tear jerking and amazing post she wrote while I was in the hospital. Michelle has been my friend since her quads were 4 months old. They will be 9 on July 3rd. We were friends even before I had quads. Once I discovered I was pregnant with quads Michelle became my rock, my arm to lean on, my source of information. She gave me everything she had left from her quads and she shared her knowledge freely. Still to this day, I turn to her for advice. She is one of the most amazing, compassionate, giving, caring person I know. She will literally give you her shirt off her back, her last dollar, her house- whatever you need and no questions asked. I love this woman! I think she came to visit me in California 5 or 6 times to help with my babies once I had them. She left her babies and came to help me out. I will be eternally grateful to this woman!

While we were in Park City we met up and played for a day. We went to a Street Market in Park City first and then when it was too hot we headed over to Monkey Mountain.

Jake and Anthony playing monkeys. My kids love these monkey backpacks. They ran around chasing each others tails. I was nervous they were going to trip each other.
Jake and Anthony
Petting the doggies. I think everyone in Park City has at least one dog and they take then everywhere. It has to be the pet friendliest city in the nation.
It was hot at the Street Fair so we headed over to Monkey Mountain.
Jake and Mom on the slide.
Jaileigh and Annie
One of the few pictures I have of the Kellers. They were too fast for me. They choo-chooed down the slide together.
Jaileigh cheesing it in the tree.
Jaileigh, Amanda, and Annie playing music
Michael and Anthony
Jaileigh and Jake riding the cheetah
Amanda taking a breather
Jakob playing the bells.
Annie and the bells
Annie and Michael 
Annie's shirt got wet and it was drying.

Michael and Mommy
After Rori and Grandma got done lunching and shopping they came and hung out. 
Rori sliding with the gang.
Grandma and Annie

This slide was so fun!
Group shot-
The Keller Quads and the DeMaria Quads
It was so fun to have the two sets of quads together. 
Jaileigh had a booger
She found the booger and tried to give it to me.
Here she is showing her booger to the camera.
I can just see the future- Rori and Jaileigh hanging out getting pedicures, shopping, getting their hair done.
After Monkey Mountain we were all pooped. We went home and crashed.
Rori and Jaileigh

Grams with a zonked out Jaileigh

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