Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacation Days 2-4

We left Vegas and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Pops Wedenesday morning. We went to Pizza Factory that night with the family. Anthony found a worm in the grass after dinner.

The next day (Thursday) we went to the splash pads.

Annie playing peek-a-boo.

Jaileigh playing too

Michael and Anthony

Michael liked spraying the water gun.

Jaileigh and Jake

They loved the mud, of course.
Jake, Anthony and Annie

Heading over to the sprinklers.

Anthony and Jaileigh getting sprinkled.


Megha washing the mud off of Jaileigh

Mom, Grandma, and Annie taking a break.

Jake climbing.

Anthony really wanted to climb up this high.  Then as soon as he got up there he wanted down.

Thursday afternoon Megha went home. She quietly slipped out the door while the kiddos were down for naps.

Friday I dug out Rori's old kitchen from the garage. It had all of the food and dishes inside of it. The kids loved it.

Anyone want a cookie?

Cute cousins just 2 weeks apart.
Annie and Legend

Michael, Anthony, and Annie cooking away.

Our cousin Major. He's 2 months younger than the quads.

Sweet Jake

Anthony searching for just the right tool.

Michael eating the butter.

Jaileigh eating her shish-ka-bob




Nap time for Rori and Annie.

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