Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hanging With Grandpa Pops

Grandpa Pops came up on Thursday to stay with us and the little grandbabies were in Grandpa heaven. They were so excited. He let them play with his safety vests and that was just sooooo cool!

Jake, Grandpa Pops, and Anthony

Annie trying to escape from Rori and her bows.

Rori got Jaileigh with bows though. 
Such a sweet picture of Jaileigh looking in the mirror.

Attacking Grandpa Pops
Anthony and Jaileigh

Michael was entertained with watching Nemo on the iPad. Jake trying to catch a peek.

Annie really wanted to wear Anthony's fish shoes. She finally talked Grandpa Pops into putting them on her.

Jaileigh attacking Grandpa while he was putting on the shoes.

Ahhhh, so cute. Little clown feet.

Happy giggles all around.

Anthony got Anthony with the hair grease. 

The Clubhouse had a little pond with fish and ducks in it. Daddy and Grandpa Pops took the kids down to feed them. Rori and I wandered down later and joined them.
Rori, Annie, Jaileigh, Grandpa Pops.

Michael checking out the fish.

Anthony in his safety vest and a lighter he found.

Again, the newspaper stands are a hit. 

Grandpa fixing Annie's shoes.

Annie checking out the fish.


Michael with his stack of papers.

Baby Annie

They all had to help Grandpa put his safety vests away in his truck.

Taking a break on the lawn.
Michael and Annie laying on mommy.


Jaileigh found some newspapers.

Michael and Mommy

Jake running wild.

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