Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Duck

After naps one afternoon I got down the Walking Duck and played with the kids that were awake. You can tell from their faces how much they liked it.

Michael, Grandpa Pops, and Jakob (Jaileigh is behind Jakob you can just see her legs sticking out)

Michael, Grandpa Pops, Jakob, and Jaileigh

Annie wasn't too sure she liked it.

This is what the duck looked like. It's a "Walking Duck".

Despite the heat we went to the park one day
Jake, Annie, and Grandma


Jaileigh and her band-aide. If she thinks her nose is bleeding, she has to have a band aide on it.


Anthony, Annie, and Jaileigh playing peek a boo around the tree.

Jake and Anthony playing


Jaileigh and her bandaide again.


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