Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Luncheon

We made it to the luncheon just a little bit late. I think the lunch was pretty much over by the time we got there. All the good food, utensils, and tables were gone. The good part was everyone that we wanted to see was there. My Grandpa Tom, my dads dad, was there. This was his first time meeting his great grand children. He had a walking stick that the boys loved, of course.

Meeting Great Grandpa Tom
Greg, Mike, Tom (my dad), Anthony, Michael (in the curtain), Jake, and GGrandpa Tom
Grandpa told me the first thing the boys did was steal his stick and stomp it on his foot. Poor Gramps.

Those faces look so full of mischief!
Michael and Jake
Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony
Grandma Kolleen (my dads mom) and Rori
No naps. Jake cuddling with Grandma (my mom).
The groom, my cousin Matt, dancing with his mom, Lisa.
Annie ran right up to watch them.

Lisa and Matt again.

Jack watching his wife dance with his son. His beautiful daughters Katie and Jessica.
Socializing at the dinner table.
Grandpa Pops, Jake, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Lisa's dad, and Grandma
Little devil!
The kids were pretty tired and ready to go. We ended up leaving before the party was over. Once my kids started having a water fight we decided it was time to go.
Grandpa, Grandma and Davey
My Grandma and Grandpa Dan dancing away.
Telling my Uncle Mark something.
These two found the pole to be very entertaining. They played peek-a-boo for quite awhile.
Michael and Anthony

With my baby girl, Jaileigh.
Leaving the party.

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