Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picnic With Family

On Tuesday my Aunt Brenda organized a picnic at her house.  All of the family members from my moms side of the family were invited. Before the picnic we went to the Aquatic Center. I thought the kids would be really excited but I think they were a little overwhelmed. They were all in awe and stayed pretty close to my side. I didn't get very many pictures because we needed all extra hands in the pool.

Jakob and Daddy

You can see the awe in their eyes.
Jaileigh and Michael

We went to Aunt Julie's and met Grandma Mitzi there.
Jake, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh with Daddy and Grandma

Julie has a 4-wheeler like Grandpa Pops
Jake driving.

We headed over to Brenda's after awhile.

Rori and Jake with Anthony in the background.

Enjoying the swing.
Michael, Daddy, Annie

Brenda had a treehouse that the boys quickly discovered.
Anthony and Jake

In the treehouse

Brenda had a stroller and babies for Jaileigh to play with.

The dogs used to be ours. Maddox and Wrigley. We gave them to Brenda when the babies were about 6 months old. It was nice to see them again and nice for our kids to meet them. They really enjoy living with Brenda and would hate it at our house. They are so spoiled!

Mother and daughter- My Grandma Shirley and my mom with Michael. 

Aunt Julie cheffing it up with her brother (my uncle) Grant.

Michael venturing into the treehouse.

Annie mowing the lawn.

Jumping on the tramp with their babies.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob

Anthony taking Michael for a walk.

My moms other brother, Brent cuddling with Annie.

Thanks Brenda for a wonderful evening!

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