Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big Trip

On Tuesday June 8th we started our journey to Utah. Megha drove with us to St. George so that Daddy could work. Our vacation plan was very long. We were to stay in Vegas one night with Mikes brother then journey on to St. George for a few days. After St. George was Park City for a week then back to St. George, Vegas, and home.

On our way to Las Vegas we stopped in Baker and played at the local park. The weather was quite warm- 95 degrees. 
Megha and Anthony 

Michael riding the horse.

Megha pushing the swings.

Jake was nice and shared his swing with Annie.

Annie loves to swing.

Michael and Jake sharing a swing. Megha trying to get Anthony to share with Annie.

Anthony and Jakob

Annie trying on the shades. She wasn't impressed with the hot, dirty sand.

There was a tractor that was working. The boys loved watching it.
Jake and Michael

We made it to Vegas and met Uncle Joe and our quad friends at the park. They brought us KFC chicken.

California quads with the Vegas quads.

Annie chewing on her chicken,

I think Anthony ate 5 pieces by himself.

Michael and Max (?)

Jake and Anthony



Michael feeding the horse.


Love this pic! Joe and Michael shooting the breeze together.


Annie trying to go up the slide.

Thanks for meeting us Dafna and quads! Thanks for dinner too.

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