Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miss Anndalyn Grace

I LOVE this little girl. She is my sunshine, my happiness, my joy. She makes me laugh, she makes me calm, she makes be a better person. I cannot imagine my life without her. I feel so blessed that she is part of our lives.

Miss Anndalyn Grace . . . .

Loves to tease.
Is shy
Has a cute little shoulder shrug she does when she is nervous or shy or teasing
Knows how to throw a tantrum
Doesn't just walk, she runs!
Enjoys being outside. If a door opens she makes a run for it every time.
When her siblings are sleeping she tries to wake them up. She will go find them and pat them.
Has 6 teeth (4 on top 2 on bottom)
Loves to sing, jabber and make funny noises with her mouth.
Clicks her tongue.
Just learned how to blow raspberries on bellies.
Has the most contagious laugh- her voice is gruff so it makes the laugh even better.
Likes to dump things and then put them back in. Loves to put things "in".
Cuddles. Gives nice squishy hugs, I love them.
Loves to carry around purses and babies
Talks on her phone a lot
Is always dirty
She is a tom boy already!
Dare devil- has no fear, of anything.
Walks up to all kinds of animals and pets them.
Climbs everything.
Is a great eater.
Can now sit forward facing in the car! She meets the weight and age limits now. Woo hoo!
Is so full of personality.
Adores her brothers and sister, and they in turn adore and protect her.

How does a 1 year old have so much personality?!

I'm 1 now!

2 comments: said...

Happy first birthday sweet girl, you are so very cute!!!

Building with 6 said...

Amber- she's so cute....what a blessing! Kami