Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#1 Birthday Party Round 2

Continuing Annie's birthday party. . . . .

Annie had her own birthday cake. Stater Brothers donated a smash cake and some ice cream.

The cake for everyone else.

Gathering around to sing Happy Birthday. Annie wasn't too sure about the crowd watching her.

Waiting for cake
Michael, Anthony, Rylee, Jakob, Jaileigh, and Madison

Annie wasn't too sure what to do with her cake.

Sharing her cake.

Michael came to help her out.

Cake kisses

Sweet Jaileigh had a hard day.

Jake liked the cake

Anthony and his yummy cake.

Jake and his cute grin

Washing up after the cake smashing

Playing with daddy.

Anthony sharing his crackers

Opening presents with a lot of helpers.

#1 Birthday Girl

Annie is excited to open a present.

Annie loves her new purse.

Trying her purse out.

Jaileigh insisted on wearing Annie's new dress.

Jaileigh and Anthony

Jaileigh starting to feel a little better. She's reading Madison's book.

Jaileigh and Madison reading together.

The end to a very long, fun-filled day.

A HUGE thanks to all of you who came and helped make Annie's day a special one. Thanks for the laughs and the wonderful company. Thank you for playing with my precious babies and making them feel so loved. Thank you to all who helped clean up the rice so the birds wouldn't eat it and explode. At the end of the day my house was clean, my dishes were done, the backyard was spotless. Thank you to all of you! We love you and are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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