Friday, May 6, 2011

Wildlife Museum And A Graduate

Rori graduated with her Associates degree. She only was able to get two tickets to the graduation ceremony so Grandma and Grandpa went with her. Mike and I took the kids to the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum. The museum was really neat. It had hundreds of animals in their natural habitats. About halfway through our tour recordings of wild animals came over the speakers and scared the kids. Michael, Jaileigh and Anthony insisted on being held. Eventually they calmed down again and we enjoyed the rest of the journey.

Michael and Jake

Jaileigh and Anthony looking for the fish.

Jake, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony

There was a kids room. It had this fort, dress up clothes, animals to pet, puzzles, books about animals, camping gear, a tent set up, and more than I can remember.


Jakob was impressed.

Jakob was the only brave one at this point. He wanted to ride the "kitty".

Then he wanted to ride the bear.

The lions

A huge bear!
Jake, Michael, Anthony

The kids got brave again.

After the graduation was over we met the grandparents and Rori at the Pizza Factory for dinner before Rori had to work. After dinner we let the kids play outside on this cool old truck.


Jaileigh climbing in with the boys.

Gram and Gramps enjoying the grandbabies.

Grandma was sure happy!

Jaileigh's playing with the light. Michael is in the back, happy to ride. Jake and Anthony are taking turns driving.

Annie found a rock. She kept trying to eat everything. She also fell in the little stream twice.

"Hi Mom!"

"Mom, look I'm dribing!"

When we got home grandma gave everyone Popsicles, even Annie.

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