Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seal Beach

When I used to have a career that was different than taking care of my kids, we used to have a yearly tradition of going to a beach in May. I was a high school teacher once upon a time. The last time I went on a field trip with my school kids I was 20 weeks pregnant with the quads. We decided, the other teachers and I, that it would be fitting to go on  this field trip with the quads. These are the last of my students that I taught and they will be graduating in a week. It was so fun to see them again!

Karen with the babies. They love her so much!

This was Annie's first time in the sand and she absolutely LOVED it!

Michael had to take his shoes off so they didn't get dirty. Silly boy.

Jakob playing with the toys that Karen brought.

More toys.
Annie and Jake

Karen and Megha took the boys out to the ocean. Anthony made Megha carry him. I guess he was a little nervous. The other two loved it.
Michael, Karen, Jakob, Anthony, Megha

Anthony loved it from Megha's arms. Those two have always loved each other. We always joke the Anthony is Megha's baby because they love each other and they look a little alike.

Daddy and his little peanut.

Miss Annie having the time of her life.

I was trying to keep her from sitting in the water but she didn't appreciate my efforts.

Muddy sand. Yum for her, yuck for me!

"Here Mommy, I got some for you too!"

Family photo
Anthony, Me(Amber), Annie, Jake, Michael, and Jaileigh standing by daddy (Mike)

Jake, Michael and Jaileigh enjoying the water.

Jake chasing the birds

Laying in the sand
Jake and Anthony

They kept doing this. They would just lay there and run it through their fingers.

Annie all wrapped up, heading for a bath.

The boys were very social. They loved all the attention from the big kids, especially the girls.

Megha said this was a hillbilly bath!

Anthony and his newest girl.


Jake found the sunscreen. Uh oh!

Michael was throwing a dirty chip to the birds and saying "Here you go birds."

Jaileigh stole one of the boys hats.


Attacking Karen again.

Sweet Jaileigh giving her daddy a grin.

Karen walked the boys out to the ocean again.
Anthony, Karen, Jake, and Michael

Annie entertaining the crowds.

They talked the girls into taking them out too.

Thanks for inviting us! We had a blast and it was a wonderful way to start off our vacation.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

U r RIGHT in front of Ryan's Aunt and Uncle's house!!! Gosh, I cant wait to be closer to you guys again!!! Looks like you had such a GOOD time!! The kids look so adorable!!! Hope u r well! Love ya!