Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Last Visit To The Park

This morning (Saturday) Grandpa and Daddy took the suburban to the shop to change the breaks. Rori and I decided to take the little munchkins to the park.


Jaileigh liked to sit on the swing. She didn't like to be pushed.

Michael and Anthony

It was warm already and I think Rori was searching for some shade. Playing in the wood chips with Annie and Jake.


Maybe Rori is down there in case Jake falls?

Michael looks so old in this picture.

Playing a little kick the ball.

Rori and Jaileigh

Michael with a big grin on his face.

Sweet Annie

My kids love to be thrown in the air. Thank goodness I haven't dropped one yet. It always scares me.


Michael flipped over Annie. He is so crazy!

Jake got possesion of the ball. He is the fastest runner of the 5 kids. He just runs and runs and runs.

Jaileigh didn't want to be thrown so  I spun her around. I wonder if the wide open space scared her.

Michael- He's a little harder to throw because he weighs the most.

Jake again

Having a discussion about owies

Anthony was trying to do a sad lip.

Here's Jaileigh's sad lip

Anthony and Annie

The boys took their shirts off because it was so hot. Jaileigh wanted to take hers off as well. I tried to tell her girls didn't take their shirts off but she wouldn't listen.

Part of my discussion with Jaileigh involved covering her boobies so Michael decided he needed to cover his.

Before Rori's date. Jaileigh helped her get ready.

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