Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Splash Pads

On Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa's house we had some free time so Mike and I took the kids to the splash pads. Splash pads are city parks that have water play areas. We couldn't find our camera so we had to take pictures with the iTouch. We finally found our camera the next day. It was in Rori's purse. Anthony had stuck it in there when he was playing. I was so glad we found it because it had the flash card in it with thousands of pictures.

It was windy and that made it a little chilly. The kids played on the toys first before braving the water toys. The ice cream truck also came and we ate ice cream. When I wasn't looking Anthony gave a strange kid a bite of his ice cream. I guess he is learning to share.


Annie loves to climb slides

Jaileigh swinging on the slide.


Anthony and Jake

Anthony again. He was grinning the whole time.


Annie found some shoes (Don't worry they were ours).

This toy was so fun. It was a teeter totter thing. It had three seats and a seat in the middle. Perfect for the quads.

Annie wanted a ride too.

Jaileigh wasn't too sure about the water.

Jake and Michael LOVED it!

Michael ducking the water spray

Jake was trying to get warm

Playing in the spray
Michael and Jake

We went home happy and wet. My friend Dawn came over to visit us. I still didn't have my camera and the iTouch was dead. She took pictures on her camera. When she emails them I will post them.

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