Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disneyland with Kari and Blair- Day 4

Kari and Blair drove down to hang out with us today.

A cute picture of 4 out of the 5.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Annie, and Michael

Autopia- Michael and Jaileigh with Kari
They love driving on this ride. The wait is forever long and I can't go because Annie is too small. The kids love it though!

Michael, Jaileigh, and Kari

Blair had Jake and Anthony. You can see the excitement in Anthony's face.

Kari and Michael looking at the Dumbo ride.

Kari, Jaileigh, and Michael on Dumbo

This was a new ride for us. Mike and I took them on it for the first time yesterday. They loved it. They all love elephants, especially Michael, so it shouldn't have surprised me that they loved it so much.

Blair with Anthony and Jake

Anthony waving down at us.

Annie and I got our own elephant. 

The carousel.
Blair and Jake

Michael all by himself.

Jaileigh was brave! She held my hand the whole time.

Anthony and Kari

After the carousel we tried Peter Pan and the kids did NOT like it. It is dark and it gives the impression that you are flying. I had to cover Jaileigh's eyes and Michael kept saying and signing "all done, all done, all done Mommmmmmyyyyyy!"

Annie before we went to It's A Small World. This one is always a hit. I have a CD in the car that has a minute and a half version of this song. The kids make me play it over, and over, and over again. They love it!

I had to go buy Annie new shoes :(

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