Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Family Vacation . . . to Disneyland!

For some crazy reason we had timeshare credits that we had to use before the end of May. We had just got back from vacation and didn't want to go on another one so I got online and started looking for places close to our house. That way we could take care of our weekly obligations at home but still feel like we were on vacation. I looked a few times and the choices we had were Palm Springs, Big Bear, and Helendale (in the middle of nowhere). I got online to book one of the above 3 choices and the Anaheim condo was available. I of course was so excited and asked Mike if he would rather do that. The timing had to have been perfect. Someone cancelled and we grabbed it. The Anaheim one is the Disneyland timeshare so it is very hard to get. I was so excited!

Our first night there was Saturday night. We went after Seal Beach. Sunday we went home to attend church. I got called to serve in our Ward's nursery and Mike is now a teacher in Priesthood. We didn't go to church during the winter (RSV season) so I think they think we are inactive. Anyway, we drove home Sunday morning and drove back to Anaheim after church. The drive is an hour. Short enough to be doable but long enough to be annoying.

It was a rainy day so we just hung out in the condo for the rest of the day.

Discovering all kinds of new tricks and toys.
All the kids loved this radio. They loved turning the music on loud and dancing.
Jaileigh and Annie

Jake joining in.

Watching Nemo
Michael and Anthony

I love Jake's face.

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