Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday With The Family

We went to church on Sunday with the family. They have 1:00 pm church which was brutal! Right in the middle of naptime.

Anthony getting one last push in on the cement truck before he got loaded in the car.

After church we were locked out so we played outside until Grandpa and Grandma came home to let us in.
Annie in her Easter dress.

Jaileigh  was not amused that we were locked out.

Rori and Jake

Anthony and his truck again.

Hooray! The door is open finally.
Jaileigh and Annie

I was trying to get a good picture of the two. I love how Jaileigh is looking at Annie.

After naps we played outside.

The kids loved playing in the dirt on the side of the house. Every afternoon they would play out there for hours.
Jaileigh, Anthony, and Jakob

Annie loved playing in the dirt too.

Finally a picture of Michael



Then we went to the park.

Grandma "Keeny" and Grandpa helping Anthony and Jake.

Grandma giving Jaileigh a piggy back ride.

Michael and Anthony on the slide.

Sweet smiled from Anthony

Annie loved the slide too.

Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh trying to slide together.

Helping Annie down again.

Jaileigh and Michael

I LOVE this. Michael is holding on to Annie's cheeks as they go down.

They had so much fun on the slide. 

Annie was so proud of herself for climbing up.

Peek A Boo Jaileigh

Then they found the dirt again.
Jakob and Michael


Michael and Jake

Burying themselves

soooo dirty! We went home and jumped in the tub.

The Grandma's socializing.

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