Monday, May 30, 2011

The #1 Big Birthday Party

Annie helping mop the floor.

Annie's Birthday opening family presents.

"Here you go Annie." Jake was so excited to give Annie her presents. In the background you can see that Jaileigh was not so excited. She had a hard day because it wasn't all about her.

Anthony helping Annie open her present and Annie excited about her new monkey.

Jaileigh picked out her outfit and she still isn't too happy with all the presents that Annie got.

"Look how fun Annie!" Anthony is showing her how it works.

Finally, she gets to open one all alone. Sort of.

Hooray! She was so funny. She kept jumping up and down with her hands in the air while laughing.

She's ready for more.

Daddy putting together her horsey that the quads think is theirs.

"Here Annie, let me help you." Anthony helping and Jake watching.

Mike and I put the kids down for a nap and then I went to church. I have been called to work in the nursery so I had to be there. We opted to let the kids nap instead of going to church. While I was gone, Megha and Karen came and finished staightening the house for Mike (that was his chore while I was at church). I came home to a clean house. Then our friends the Dunkleys came.

Blair helping Annie ride the quad with Michael

Piggy back rides! Blair, Madison, and Rylee giving the Fab-4 rides. They should all be sore!

Jake sneaking in the food.

Jake and Anthony were teasing Megha. I think they were spitting water on her. I certainly hope not, but I really think they were.

Bill, Gina, and Shannon came next. This is Bill and Michael playing "poke, poke".

A huge thanks to these two girls for sitting at the kids table and feeding my kids.
Blair, Jake, Madison and Anthony

This was the sweetest thing I saw all day. Bill sat by Annie and fed her. It was too cute!
Bill and Annie

Madison and Anthony

Bill and one of his girlfriends

The sand table turned rice table. I put rice in it with treasures. It was a big hit with the kids. Rice is so much better than sand. It if gets in their hair, clothes, diaper, mouths it doesn't matter. It brushes off and its edible. The kids, big and little, loved it.

Michael and Jake throwing rice. Michael's "girlfriend", Tessa eating it.

Annie is right in the middle of it all.


More throwing of rice.

Michael with a rice booger.

Oh, the excitement!

Annie eating some rice.


Some of our fabulous friends!

My kids hogging the table.

Mamma and her birthday baby.

Look how much fun these rascals are having.

Michael using his sand shovel as a spoon and eating goldfish crackers.

Rylee and Annie-belle

The sweet birthday girl.

And the rice being thrown continues. . .

The bouncer.

My Annie baby. So big!

Bill playing with the kids. He is really just a big kid himself!
Throwing Michael over.

Playing with Jaileigh

Anthony in his favorite spot- on Karen's shoulders.

Anthony with his other girlfriend- Megha

Rylee, Madison, and Anthony

That's all I'm going to post for now. Tomorrow I'll finish the picture overload.


Nany said...

Happy first birthday Annie.

Anonymous said...

Rice is so much fun in the sand table. I've colored the rice with food color and rubbing alcohol. It changes it up for some variety. :) Put rice in ziploc bag with some food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Shake it up. When the rice is coated lay it out on wax paper to dry - in well ventilated area. When dry, toss it in the sand table for some colored fun.