Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pictures With Allie

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Our biannual picture taking even. Last year we took pictures right after Annie was born and this year we took them just in time for her 1st birthday. That's right! She will be one on Sunday. Time sure does fly!

Trying to get a group shot. Annie wanted nothing to do with it. Michael was "helping". They all had to have their sticks so we get stick pictures.
Jakob, Michael, Jaileigh, Annie, and Anthony

Annie refused to be a part of the pictures.
Jake, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony (and their sticks)

Anthony, his stick, and a cute grin

Michael and a funny smile. He was being suck a stinker. Amazingly he doesn't have a stick.

Princess Jaileigh waiting for a ride in her chariot.

Sweet moment. Daddy and Annie (and her stick).

Michael was such a silly goose today. I by that I mean he was a terror, a tease, a goof. He was on a toot! First thing he did when we arrived was jump in the air, land on his bottom, and slid down a grassy hill. Yup, in those clothes. Then he did it again. I had to threaten him that we were leaving if he ruined his church clothes.

I didn't take too many pictures. Allie will have our pictures done soon and I will post them for you. She always does an awesome job! Everytime I am so excited, I can hardly wait.

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Building with 6 said...

so cute- Amber, I can't believe how big Annie is- seems like she was just born- Wow- time flies. Great pictures....great Job! Happy 1st Birthday! Kami