Monday, May 2, 2011

Waiting For Grandma

Anthony digging the grass.

Jakob is looking at the ants. Jaileigh and Anthony are running to look too.

Rori was such a lifesaver. The week we were there was her finals week in college. In between work and school, she still found time to hang out with us everyday.

Jaileigh and her pigtails with a sad look on her face. I can't remember why she was upset.

The broom was the coveted toy. Annie finally got her hands on it.

Playing with the trucks.
Anthony, Jakob, and Michael with Annie in the background sweeping.

This kid LOVEs his baby sister.
Jakey and Annie

Little Miss Annie in her 4th of July outfit. She loves glasses. She is so funny with them.

Michael playing piggy back with Aunty Rori

Grandpa had a tractor delivered so that he could plant some palm trees. That was the excitement for a couple of days. All the quads talked about was the tractor and how they wanted to "dribe" it.

Annie watching the kids on the tractor.

Jaileigh got off. I'm sure it was too dirty for her.

Jaileigh and Annie playing with the toy tractors while the boys were on the big tractor.

Jaileigh sweeping the dirt on the sidewalk. I think they thought that is what you were supposed to do because they all did it.

"Glubs" (gloves) another hit toy.
Anthony and Jake

Grandma's home!
Jake running out to greet her.

There goes Anthony.

They climbed right in the car with her.

Helping her in the house.
What a greeting!

Grandpa planting one of his trees. The kids watched from the balcony.

Grandpa let them come out and sit on the tractor with him.

This picture will be good blackmail when Jake is in high school. He is such a pretty kid. He has a bow in his hair, a bottle for his baby, his keys and his purse, he's ready to go.

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