Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cracker Barrel

Rori and I took the kiddos to Cracker Barrel one morning. The kids were excellent! That is until I made the mistake of letting them look at the toys in the store. They quickly started grabbing as many as they could in their grubby little hands. I'm surprised we escaped without any stolen toys that I had to return.

Michael, Rori, and Jaileigh

Mommy and Jake

Jake and his wild man hair.

Anthony with Rori's lotion on his head.

After breakfast we went to the park.

Static at its best!

And a close up.

We took up all the swings.
Anthony, Michael, Jake, Jaileigh

Then we took over the teeter totters

Mommy and her girls.They are just 2 pounds apart. Jaileigh is 26 lbs and Annie is 24 lbs.

Annie's first time swinging. Her big toothy grin is so cute! While we were on vacation she got 3 new teeth on top.

Jaileigh loves to swing on my lap.

Jakob and Michael exploring the big toy

Another cute one of Annie

Jaileigh doing her acrobatics.

Anthony wanted to swing with us too. It was a little more difficult so it didn't last long.

I LOVE this picture of Jaileigh. She is laughing at me because I was showing her how to swing on her belly. She thought that was hilarious.

Their newly learned trick.
Jake and Jaileigh with Anthony watching.


Annie in her cool shades.

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