Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Grandpa and his boys.
Anthony, Jake, Major, and Michael

Jaileigh snuck on the 4-wheeler when no one was watching. Silly girl.

Playing in the dirt. . . again.

Grandma with her grandbabies, all grown up.
Amber, Grandma, Andy, and Rori


Grandpa getting attacked by little munchkins.

They found a lady bug.

Still looking at the lady bug

Lady bug time. I love Anthony looking up in this picture.

MMmmmm Annie found something yummy.

"Here Mom, you want some?"

"My thighs didn't get this beautiful on their own!"

In the evenings we would go for walks. We used 3 strollers and still didn't have enough.
Stroller #1 with Jake and Anthony

Stroller #2 with Grandpa pushing.
Major and Michael

Stroller #3 with Annie and Jaileigh. As you can see this is a single stroller. Good thing Jaileigh is small.
When Majors baby brother, Legend, came with us someone had to be carried.

Andy and Annie hanging out on Grandpa's bench.

Annie trying to escape from the bedroom. She loved to try and play on the stairs.

Annie sneaking in the pantry.

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