Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grandma's Work

Today we went to Grandma's school to see where she works. They were so excited to see her. Jaileigh and Anthony rode home from work in her car, they were so happy! Grandpa came home with chairs for everyone. He even got everyone their special colors. Anthony likes red, Jakob likes green, Michael blue, Jaileigh and Annie got pink, and Major and Legend got red and blue.

Here is the whole crew and of course they aren't in their right colors.
Annie, Jaileigh, Michael. Anthony, and Jakob

Annie loves climbing in and out of the chairs.

Jaileigh found one that matches her outfit.

Playing with the grandparents.

Grandpa's right hand man. Jake loves his Grandpa!

Annie found a new place to play.

Our Daddy also made it back from his work trip today. He didn't get back until midnight so the kids woke up to a surprise.

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