Friday, May 13, 2011

New Big Kid Beds

Bill and Gina came over and brought new beds for the boys. They were soooooo excited. I was a little sad to see the cribs go. I can't believe my babies are growing up.

Even Jaileigh was excited. She thought one of the beds was for her too. She forgets that her bed is the big queen bed in the next room. I'm hoping that she and Annie can eventually sleep together in there.

Annie even played.

The boys teasing Annie.

Gina even brought new sheets for everyone.

Jake is very happy with his new bed!

We talked Bill and Gina into staying over for a pizza dinner. The kids thought it was play time so I'm not sure how much eating got done.

Poor Bill!

Then we went outside and played in the dirt.

After a long day of work and play, they were very worn out.
First night in their big boy beds.

Thanks Bill and Gina! We love you!

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