Saturday, November 21, 2015


We were so lucky to get to go to Legoland with our wonderful, generous neighbors! There sons birthday is the same day as Mike's. They were going to Legoland to celebrate and invited us to go with them AND gave us free tickets to go. We have been so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

I have picture overload here. The first set of pictures are my phone pictures and then I have my camera pictures. My battery on my camera was so low that I had to use my phone for most of the day.

First picture of the day.

Anthony looks like he's sitting in the toilet bowl.

Annie and I

Our neighbor Narm rode on the safari ride behind us. 


Riding on the reindeer.

hahahahaha i love this!

Playing in the snow. The girls had to borrow the boys shoes because you had to have tennis shoes to play.

The boys played first. 

The girls turn

All boy! Jake hitting Anthony from behind.


Briohnny and Anthony waiting for the scary dragon roller coaster. 


Annie and I waiting. 

Scary Dragon ride!

right before the big drop!

Fun slides!

The aquarium.
Michael and Annie

Anthony and Jaileigh

On the ride home we hit horrible traffic. I tried to take a group selfie of all of us while we were sitting on the road. 

The Safari ride.

Family picture in the sleigh.

This ride was so fun but you had to be 54" tall. All the kids had to ride with someone. 

Navin and Jakob

Narm and Anthony

Miniland was amazing! Everything is built with legos. The Star Wars part was so awesome! My favorite was the Las Vegas and the Desert areas.

San Francisco

The Hollywood Bowl where we saw Josh Groban.

The Desert

New York

Las Vegas

Boat building and launching.


The girls.

What a fun birthday celebration! 

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