Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpking Carving Extraordinaire

Our neighbor hosted a pumpkin carving party. We have such a fun neighborhood! We love it. The pictures are a little out of order and I'm too lazy to switch it around. You get the final product first!

These two are ours. The girls is on the left and the boys is on the right.

This is the 2nd side of the girls. 

This is Mike and the boys other side. 

3rd side of the girls pumpkin.

Carving time.

Annie in the tree.

Jakob and Anthony
Our pumpkins were HUGE


Pumpkin seeds anyone?




The girls pumpkin


I took pictures of all the completed pumpkins. 

The girls.

The 2nd side of the girls.

Mike and the boys.

The other side of the girls.

Another boy side. 

The 3rd side of the girls.

It was the a full moon. It was so beautiful.

We walked down the street to the Halloween House. 

Jaileigh hitched a ride. 

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