Friday, November 13, 2015

Day Trip To The Dentist

Veterans Day in the evening, I headed to Las Vegas with 3 of the kids. I had a dentist appointment on Thursday morning in St. George. We stayed at Kathy and Joe's house. She fed us homemade Italian food! Yum!!

Michael and Jake and Annie

Off to Grandma's early, early!
Michael, Jakob and Annie

They loved this.

The kids favorite part of the whole trip- the scary mountain aka the Virgin River Gorge.

Photos courtesy of Michael.

It was 36 degrees outside and she was yelling at me that she was hot!
(I tightened her seat belt!)

More Michael pictures.

I dropped the kids off at Grandma's and went to the dentist. They had so much fun playing, climbing her mountain, walking the dog. Grandma made yummy homemade bread for us and even sent us home with two loaves! After the dentist I came home and we were lucky enough to see my Aunt Brenda. She was down for a vacation. Our visit was too short and soon we had to leave. 

On the way home later. Jake was so cute with Annie. Annie's head kept falling forward. He held his arm over her chest so he could catch it. 

We stopped in Barstow at the Jack In The Box for the Jumbo Breakfast Platter that Grandma introduced them too. Michael ate every lick plus he finished off what the other two didn't eat. 

Dad sent me pictures of the other two. He had the neighbor comb Jaileigh's hair. It was so cute of him. He walked her over, knocked on the door and asked. 

He took them out to dinner at Chili's and then they got to go archery shooting. 

What a whirlwind 24 hours!!

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Byron Kennedy said...

Nice looking family you've got there. How is it managing five kids? My wife and I are about to pull our hair out with three, I couldn't imagine having five of them! Ha! Those are some pretty cool pictures of the mountains. There aren't very many mountains where I'm from. They're more like medium-sized hills, actually, so I always enjoy seeing pictures of actual mountains.

Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry