Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy birthday to my sister

Happy birthday, Amber Jai!

Amber is one of the best human beings I've had the pleasure of associating with. She is kind to all she meets, and has a habit of helping others before thinking of herself. She's been my style icon, confidant, and best friend for as long as I've been living.  So, with that, here are my 24 years worth of observations of Amber:

  • she is good
    •  kind
    • and courageous

  • she is beautiful 
    •  smart
    • and gentle

  • she is patient
    • faithful
    • and grateful

  • She is generous
    • happy
    • and perfectly silly

  • She is a hard worker
    • dedicated
    • and meticulous in everything she does

  • She is never cynical
    • never angry
    • never bitter

  • She always puts her family first
    • then others
    • then herself

  • She is the best sister
    • daughter
    • mother

Happy birthday, Amber Jai! I hope you had the birthday you deserved! You've been so good to all of us, I hope you took a little time out for yourself to get pampered! You'll never know how much we love you! Smooch

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