Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fun Pictures

I asked our friend Kevin, to do a special photography shoot with the kids. I wanted a "now and then" photo shoot showing how far they have come since birth. He did it for us last weekend and I am so excited! It turned out really well! While we he was working I took some picture of the kids playing around.

My Princess Ballerina- Jaileigh

Sassafras pants, Annie Grace

These two can be the worst enemies but they can also be the best of friends! They are so lucky to have each other. 

Look at that attitude!

My little ballerinas.

This kid! He just makes me laugh.

How can you not laugh at this face! 

Michael is such a stink!

Those teeth!

Another of Miss Sassy

He belongs on a ranch or a farm. He loves the outdoor freedom.


I brought a football for them to play with.

Of course we had to find sticks. I think there are sticks in every photo shoot we do! 
I love it!!

Can I have more lipstick please!?

Jaileigh. I let her wear my very special necklace that Mike gave me when we got married. She was super excited. 

There is my Mr Handsome! He didn't hold still long enough for a picture. 
He is such a Dapper Dan Man.

Playing baseball with sticks, pine cones and rocks. 

Poor Michael. As soon as we got to the park his eyes started turning red and swelling, his nose started getting stuffy and he started wheezing and coughing. Thank goodness Kevin had a claritin in his car and I had an inhaler. We got him medicated and he was fine the rest of the time. 

Jaileigh and Michael

Annie Bananie

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