Monday, November 9, 2015

Zippity Zippity

Here are my latest phone photos.

Funny kids.

My 3 boys escorting little Matthew to school. I love that they can be so helpful and friendly when they want to be.

Annie and I had a ton of errands to run one day. She was so worn out by the time we went to pick the kids up that she asked if she could go to sleep. 

Anthony doing a little yoga.


The clouds have been so beautiful lately.

My visiting teachers brought over birthday cupcakes!

This was one of my birthday presents. It's a sticky rice steamer. My kids love our neighbors sticky rice so they told mike and I how to make it. Mike went to the Asian store and picked this up for me as well as a bag of sticky rice. 

Our friends gave the boys this suit. Anthony was so excited to wear it. Jakob cried all Sunday because he wanted to wear it. I told them they could rotate every other Sunday and if they decided they really liked it then I would buy one more. 

Anthony and Annie

They looked so nice before church!

Jaileigh, Annie, Jakob, Michael, Anthony

During music we played the funnest game. The missionaries were such good sports. 

Senior primary.

Annie is flag leader in school this week. I really love that her teacher does the pledge and sings a patriotic song every morning. Some teachers just do it once a week. 

I went to pick the kids up on Monday and the street was blocked off. I had to park and run a block to school. I took a picture for the kids to see. When we walked back to the car they got to see it too. 

A house fire! We went over our family emergency plan that Aunt Julie Anna taught us. 

Jaileigh loves cheer!

She got her uniform this week. It's so cute!

Annie and I went to lunch one day. 

hahahahaha sometimes I wonder!

Our first homemade sticky rice batch. It disappeared in zero seconds. 

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