Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Festival & Gale Webb Extreme

Friday was a wild and crazy day. I was volunteering in 1st grade so I was able to be there for everything. It was dress like your favorite sport, the Fall Festival for 1st grade, and Gale Webb Extreme for the end of Red Ribbon Week. That evening we had baseball practice, Trunk or Treat and we were camping with our neighbors at Wilderness Lakes Campground.

Thank you to Kevin for taking these pictures at the Fall Festival in Mrs Duarte's class. I left my camera in the car!

Jaileigh with her friends. 

Anthony made a bat with some friends.



Jakob and Michael being attacked by the ladies! 


Annie and her best buddy. They were lucky to get to stay at school after kindergarten got out. That is when all the fun starts!

Group silly photo!

Katie and Jaileigh

I love this picture!

Class serious picture.

I love it! Anthony, Jakob and Jaileigh on the front row. I think Michael is behind Jake.


After the fall festival was the Gale Webb Extreme Show. She brings her crew to our school every year and does a show about being drug free and making better choices in life. 

I ran to my car to get my camera for this. My kids were so excited. They love Gale Webb!



Anthony- you can tell how excited they are.

Jaileigh with Matthew sitting on her lap. She held him the whole show. It was really cute. 

Annie, Anthony and Michael

Look at Annie cheering!


You can see Annie and Michael if you look carefully. Where's Waldo right?!

One of the riders on a skate boarder. 

Bikes, scooters and skateboards were all part of the tricks. One of them is the stunt double for Tom Cruise in Mission Impossibles. 

I stole these from Kevin. He got some cute ones. 


Jake in the right corner. Michael in the middle. Annie and Anthony are there too.

Anthony and Annie won prizes for cheering so loud. Michael got picked to ask a question. He asked, "Do you have any girls that ride with you?" I thought that was an awesome question for a 1st grader to ask and to even notice. They do have girls that ride with them, they just weren't there. 

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