Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Game

The last baseball game of the season was on Saturday. It was so much fun watching this little team improve over the season. They were probably the youngest and smallest team in the league. They stuck together and learned how to play as a team. I was so amazed my each of my boys and how their strengths were so different.

Anthony loved playing catcher but at the end of the season was interested in rotating to other positions. He was by far the best catcher in the league. No comparison. I can also laugh about how he prances around when he plays anywhere other than catcher. I kept joking with him that I was going to stick him in dance class.

Jake went from being a goofball airhead, to playing first base, pay attention, and hitting every time he was up to bat. He was also the fastest kid on the team. Mike really had to work on his swing. He had a hard time keeping it level and said that it felt weird to swing the bat. We think it may have been from his two broken arms and how they healed.

Michael was the one that really surprised me. The first time he played baseball he hated it. Cried every time we went to practice or a game. He actually loves it and is quite good. He has the attention span to be able to focus on the game, his eye coordination is amazing, he is probably one of the most consistent players on the team. He does well in any position you put him in, even catcher. He was the one hit by the ball most during the games. I think the balls were just attracted to him. He has ball bruises all over him. He never came out of a game due to injury either. He just sucked it up and we took care of him in the dugout when he came in.





Michael got beaned by a ball in this position. 

The ball hit the pitching machine. This was a lucky photo for me. I snapped it at the right time. 

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm a little sad the season is over. It's been a great family bonding experience for us. It was great getting to know the other kids and their families  The kids loved having Dede at their games too! Thank you for being our #1 fan!

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