Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Greased Lightning!

Our ward Trunk or Treat was on Friday evening. The only reason we went was because the kids knew about it and begged to go. We were too busy and over-scheduled ourselves. The kids were also sad that they didn't win a costume prize {again}. We never win at our trunk or treat. Sometimes life is hard for little ones. Our theme this year was Grease.

Jaileigh was Sandy Olson. 
I ordered her jacket and shoes from Amazon. The belt and scarf were from Savers. The pants were from a local store. I can't remember. Target? She wore a pair of my hoop earrings. 

Annie was Frenchy. I made her dress from a mens dress shirt. We found the pearls and the pink lady jacket at Savers.  

I put the vinyl "Pink Ladies" on and thanks to Kevin for helping me cut it!

Jake was Nicky Kenickie.
I got his shoes at the thrift store, Jacket from Ross during the summer, white t-shirt and jeans from his drawer. He has a necklace/chain on that I picked up at Michaels. 

Danny Zuko- Anthony
Jacket Ross, jeans and shirt from his drawer, shoes from a donation bag, chain from Michaels.

Michael- Indiana Jones.
His costume was probably the most intensive. 
He had the hat, gun, pants and boots already. I ordered a whip from Amazon. I found the shirt and jacket at a local thrift store. We drew whiskers on him and a beard and sideburns. Funny kid! He knew exactly what he wanted to be. He wanted NO part of Grease.

Mike and I were Crater Face and Cha Cha. Mike got his shirt and jacket from Savers, he wore his own pants and shoes. I got my dress from a friend, made a blue tutu/petticoat for underneath and sewed on the blue tulle flowers along the front. 

When she found out she didn't win she wanted her daddy to hold her. 

Sandy- off she goes. 

Trunk or Treating!

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