Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fire and Butterflies

Now that it is cold outside we really need a fire when we go out.My kids think that 55 is blizzard weather. We only stayed out long enough to cook a s'more for everyone then it was back in we went. Mike had a softball game but I bribed the kids with a fire so we didn't have to go sit in the cold.




For Annie's birthday Caroline gave her this awesome butterfly growing kit. The first set of caterpillars that the company sent out died in the mail because it was too hot. It finally cooled off enough for us to reorder them. {They were guaranteed!}

They formed into chrysalis and we hung them in their netted room. About 7 days the first butterfly hatched. 

The kids have loved watching this! They just may become science nerds like their mom!

You can see the butterfly on the bottom. 

So far we have 3/6 butterflies out. We are waiting for the other 3 then we can set them free. 

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