Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Snaggles & Recipes

Little Miss Snaggle Tooth almost had to be Nanny McPhee for Halloween. It took her so long to get that tooth out. It was dangling by a thread for at least a week. I don't know how it was even attached. One day after school she twisted it around so far she couldn't untwist it so she was walking around with it backwards. She finally let me fix it but it was never the same after that. That night it fell out in her sleep. She woke up with it in her mouth. I was so glad she didn't swallow it! She would have had me looking through her poop for it.

Backwards tooth.

It finally came out and there was another tooth behind it already. 

Grandma's birthday present that we FINALLY got to her, just a month late. 

Mike came up with a great idea to make her a recipe book of some of our favorite recipes. I compiled our favorites and then I asked the kids what their favorite thing to make was. Then I had them tell me how to make it. I typed it up and included it in the book. Here they are.

Anthony’s Cinnamon Pancakes
You need milk, you need cinnamon, you need pancake mix.
First put milk in 1 cup milk in a bowl.
Then you need 1 cup pancake mix.
Dump cinnamon in the bowl.
Mix it all together.
Put it in the pan for 1 whole hour.
When it’s done put syrup on it and you eat it.

Michael’s Favorite Muffins
Chocolate chips           baking powder
Flour                            baking soda
2 eggs                          vanilla
2 butters                    white sugar
Water                          cinnamon

Mix it all together in a bowl. Then you put in the cupcake pan. Then you put it in the oven for 50 minutes. Then you eat them.

Jaileigh’s Hard Boiled Eggs
Get an egg. Put it in a pan with water. It takes a long time to cook and you wait and wait until it’s done. You have to wait a long time. Then you crack it and wash it so that all the egg shell can come off. Then you put garlic salt and pepper on it, then you eat it. And it is so good! The End

Jakob’s Waffles
Get two strawberry shortcake waffles. You toast them. Then after they are done you get Nutella. Then you put it on the waffles. You put it on the bottom waffle and on the top waffle.  Then you get whipped cream and you put it on the top of both of them. Then you put them on top of each other and eat them.

Annie’s Mint Ice Cream
Get the mint from the garden.
Wash it. Put it in a pan with water and sugar.
Cook it.
In the ice cream maker put the mint,
and the orange juice,
and the pomegranate juice.
Turn it on.
After it’s done eat it. 

The last page.

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