Friday, March 15, 2013

Walking Dakota

My husband and kids LOVE dogs and always ask for one. We will probably never have one for two reasons 1) I am highly allergic as are my boys 2)As if I don't have enough bums to wipe! Our neighbor has the cutest Havanese dog and she is hyopallergenic. My kids LOVE her!   We took her for a walk one night and the kids had so much fun with her.
Annie walking Dakota

Annie's turn was over.
Jaileigh and Dakota

In the field behind our house.
Jake, Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony and Michael

Jaileigh's turn was over and she was quite upset!
I posted these pictures on facebook awhile ago and my friend (Karen) asked why Michael was the only one smiling. Here was my response:
I think the others were in shock from Jaileighs shrieking scream. Michael also wanted out of the field so he was smiling to get done faster. He thought the rats and snakes were going to come out of their holesto get him. Bhahahha!

Now he is praying that he won't be eaten!

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