Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Eggs

Our chickens laid eggs the next day! We had been told that they may not lay for up to two weeks, that they may need an adjusment period. The kids were so excited!

Michael and Annie holding the eggs.
Annie's chicken, Snowball.
Liberty lays green eggs.
The other 2 lay brown eggs or pink as the kids call them.
Jake with an egg.


Anthony sucking on ice.

These girls are so funny. They love to hang out at our back doors.
So far they have been really easy to take care of. My kids love to check on them especially Annie and Jake. I think they go check for eggs 100 times a day. The minute the sun goes down they go in their coop. I lock them in for the night and then unlock it in the morning when the sun is rising. We haven't had any problems yet. I'm sure when we go out of town we are going to struggle finding someone to care for them.

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