Monday, March 11, 2013

Sea World Again

OP Otter greeted us today.

Poor Jaileigh got squished under OP's arm.

Petting starfish.

Michael looking at the miniature horses.

Poison frogs.

Looking at the polar bear. He was putting on quite the show.

Polar bear cave.
I had the strangest experience right here. I lined the kids up to take a picture and non-English speaking lady communicated that she wanted her picture taken. I took her camera and she went over and posed with my kids. Strange!

A cute stinky penguin.
My cute penguins- Jaileigh and Annie

Jaileigh and Michael
Jaileigh and Jake
Anthony and Jake

Petting the bat rays.

Baby Shamu and Shamu

Our visit was pretty short because we had somewhere else to be. It was long enough to make me crazy though! Jaileigh was in the worst mood! She refused to let anyone sit in the stroller. Jake's feet hurt, Michael's feet hurt and Anthony wanted his tennis shoes on and not Michael's crocs. It was a shoe mess today! I made it back to the car with screaming kids and managed not to pull my hair out!

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