Thursday, March 21, 2013

Parks, Pretzels, Books

My kids love to make homemade pretzels. We have made them a couple of times in preschool and I have the kids make a letter with their dough. When I do it with just my kids I have them make the letter for their name. Daddy was in La Jolla for a convention a couple of days this week so we had some fun without him. We made pretzels, read, went to the park, planted flowers and some of our garden, cleaned out the garage, and missed him a lot!

Michael reads all the time. He is an absolute bookworm! He wasn't interested in making pretzels today, just reading. Ms Susan sent over a huge box of books for our spring preschool themes and Michael was so excited. He couldn't wait to dive in and read.

My little Jaileigh missed her daddy the most this trip. She asked over and over when he was coming home and why he wasn't home yet. 
My crazy, wild man Jake. He and I spent Tuesday evening in the urgent care. That morning he fell off of the kitchen island and landed on his broken arm. He cried for a little bit but then was ok so I just watched him the rest of the day. In the evening about 7, we were outside trying to take care of the dumb runaway chickens, he decided to jump off of the trampoline onto the grass. He yelled, "Mom, watch me!" As I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOO, he went flying through the air and landed on his arm. He really cried this time. Argh! I was so frustrated! We were almost in the clear of not rebreaking it. His follow up appointment is on Monday. I hurried and locked the stinky chickens in the coop and threw him in the car and headed to the urgent care. We hung out for a couple hours and got a clear verdict, no break! They x-rayed him and poked and pushed and prodded. I cannot tell you which of us was more relieved.  He did not want another cast on. It has been really sore though. He rubs it quite a bit and tells me it hurts. The doctor said he just bruised it badly.
I feel like bubble wrapping the poor kid.
Making pretzels. Michael was still reading.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jake and Annie
She really was excited, just concentrating.
Jake and Annie

Anthony making his "A".
After they ate their pretzels we went to the park. I am sure we are quite the sight to see. The 5 kids riding various scooters and bikes and me following behind with my backpack filled with jackets, water, band aids and my camera. 
Annie- I thought she had her jacket on when we left so I didn't bring hers. I did have an extra boy jacket. She wasn't happy and when someone called her a boy, off went the jacket.
Anthony whacked his head on my foot board today and has this bruise/scratch between his eyes now.
Some random kid was riding his scooter- Jake
She wonders why she always has holes in her knees.
Michael is Mr. Social and Outgoing at the park.

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