Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Day . . .

Another day camping. . . .

 The kids were so worn out by the evenings that they pretty much passed out while their heads were falling onto their pillows.

Jake and the boy. I always bring him with us to let the drivers know that kids are around. Someone at camp called him a turtle and after looking at him, I think it is a turtle.

Jaileigh took a million pictures. She loves to take pictures. She even took a picture of a guy on his bike that stopped to talk to us. He even smiled for his picture.
Jake and I
Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh became really good at riding their pedal bikes. We camped next to some older kids and my kids followed them around on their bikes and learned some new tricks. They know how to pop wheelies and stand up while pedaling now. You would never believe little 4 year olds can ride like they do.
Annie, Anthony and Jake

Sitting by the campfire- daddy and Anthony

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