Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We have never been to Sea World before. One of my quad mom friends that lives in San Diego called me to tell me about Sea World's Preschool Program. This year all preschoolers in our area (San Diego County) get free passes to Sea World for the year of 2013. I was so excited! I even got one for Annie because she will be three soon. I had to bring the kids birth certificates to prove their age. While I was searching for them, the morning I was trying to leave, I realized that we had never ordered Annie's! I felt awful! Poor girl got neglected! I didn't really need to get her a pass because she is 2 and free anyway so I didn't worry too much. Well, the ticket guy gave me her pass even without her birth certificate so all five of my babies are pass holders!

The 6 of us starting out our day.
Me, Michael, Annie, Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh
Anthony and Jakob- everyone had to have their own map.
Jaileigh and Jake fought over pushing the stroller! I swear I am never bringing it again! Someone actually tried to steal this stroller.  After the dolphin show we came out and a lady was buckling her kid into it. She had taken my stuff out of it. All 6 of us just stared at her. I didn't know what to say! Jaileigh finally said, "Mom isn't that our stroller?" She looked up and was probably surprised to see 6 of us standing around, staring at her. She said, "Oh, is this yours, mine must be on the other side." Uh, yeah! Like you have a pink butterfly stroller with our stuff in it, for your little boy. I was very nice and didn't say anything rude.
Sesame Street Bay Of Play
My kids loved this area of Sea World. No animals just a fun park area.
Abby's Sea Star Spin- Just like the tea cups at Disneyland. The boys were tall enough to ride alone. Jaileigh and Annie should both have ridden with me but the worker wasn't too diligent in his measuring. The quads LOVED going alone!

Annie and I went together.


Jaileigh was having a hard morning and it took her awhile to be happy.
Waiting in line for the punching bags.

Jaileigh climbing on the nets.
They loved this one too. It was a giant bubble trampoline.

Jake falling but protecting his broken arm.
Jake falling again. Jeepers, I was getting nervous!

The Sea Lions

My kids do have individual styles!
We paid $6 to feed the Sea Lions! A lady let Jaileigh feed one and then they all wanted to so I had to suck it up and pay.

Annie with her sardine in her hand. One of those pesky seagulls swooped down and caught it midair.
The Shark Encounter
They have a building just for sharks. My kids weren't real excited about visiting.
Michael and Jake
Show me how you really feel Jaileigh!
This was a picture in the Shark tunnel. Sorry it's so dark! My kids did not like the underwater viewing shark tunnel and wanted out! They were afraid the sharks were going to bite their arms off! hahaha! Mike let them watch the show with the surfer girl that got her arm eaten and now that is what they remember about sharks.
Blue Horizons
The Dolphin Show (a mini Cirque De Soleil)
My kids loved this show and couldn't stop talking about it. They all loved the pink princess (girl in the pink outfit), the dolphins and the birds.

The one thing I did NOT like about Sea World was they won't let you bring in food or drinks. You can bring in unopened water bottles only. Every other park we have been to in California has let us bring in our lunches. Argh!
Annie licking the pizza off her fingers.
Jaileigh, I'm pretty sure they were pretty tired!
I bought two desserts, a jello cup and a piece of chocolate cake. I did not get one bite!
Michael with his jello.
Jake attacking the chocolate cake. I think he ate most of it before the others even got a chance.
Sharing with Michael

Annie took over the jello and then Anthony finished it off.
They loved the cake!
I promised them that when we were leaving they could play in the water park. I didn't bring their swim stuff because I didn't know they would need it. I took off one layer of their clothes and let them play! It was the perfect ending to the park! They were cold and ready to go to the car.

She was getting cold!


 Off to the beach now!

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