Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Girl And Her Ladies

Annie loves, loves, loves the chickens. She will spend hours outside with them. She will look at them, chase them, try to pet them, inspect all the poop, fill the water, check the food, rake the mulch, and just plain hang out and talk to them. She and Jake have benefited so much from our extra family members.

Yesterday she napped while the big kids were at preschool so she was awake during their nap time.

Trying to pet Zebrahead.
The chickens are still a little wary of the kids. They are getting better at letting her pet them.
Petting Honeybun {Chicken-Jasmine-Hamburger- Honeybun}
So proud of herself.
She was scratching her bum. Silly girl!

The ladies taking their dirt baths.
These are the naughty chickens that flew away. You can tell they are a little smaller then the other hens. They are not people friendly and take off running if you even take a step in their direction. Their names are Gumdrop and Spiderman.

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