Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Blame Game

Annie and I were making dinner one night and I could hear some thumping noises upstairs and then hysterical laughing. Just as I was getting ready to go and see what was going on Michael ran downstairs to tell me that Jake was throwing oranges at the "up wall" (ceiling). Then Jaileigh came and tattled on Jake, and then Anthony.  Jake came down and grinned his big old goofy grin and didn't say a word. Jake never tattles and he always gets tattled on.
I thought something was a little fishy because I knew that they all had lemons and oranges and there was a lot of noise going on upstairs for one orange being thrown. I set them all on the counter and started asking questions.
Did you throw an orange/lemon? um yes
Where did you throw your fruit? into the blanket
Really? Really? no
Did you throw it at the ceiling too? Yes, but Anthony hit the fan!
Who else was throwing? everyone!
So, was Jake really the only one throwing oranges and lemons? no
They all folded under pressure. Michael kept asking if he could just go watch TV, he was done being in trouble, Jaileigh was explaining the whole story and exactly how it happened, Anthony kept trying to blame Jake and Jake just grinned.
They all folded under pressure!

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