Monday, March 18, 2013

First Swim Of The Year

On Saturday we went swimming for the first time this season. I was a little out of practice taking the kids to the pool because I forgot the puddle jumpers. I tried to make the kids stay in the baby pool but that didn't happen. They all slowly moved over to the big pool which meant I had to get in. I was a little nervous because I was thinking it was going to be cold. It was pretty warm and I'm a usually a baby. The kids had a ton of fun and half of them fell asleep on the way home.

Jake is my little fish. He and Jaileigh can swim front crawl on their own for about 5-7 ft. He doesn't have any fear of the water at all. He went out too far today and I had to jump in after him, in my clothes, and it didn't even phase him.
Michael loves the water but does not like putting his face in or swimming. He just likes to soak like in the bathtub.

Jaileigh my other fish.

I remember when I used to lifeguard, I always yelled at kids for running and jumping at the pool. It was one of the rules and so I just enforced it. Now that I'm a mom I laugh at that rule, I understand the reasoning but they really aren't running that far.  I let my kids run all the time.
Michael and Jakob

Sorry for the poor lighting.

Annie and Anthony


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