Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The whole reason we visited Sea World a second time so close to the first time is CHICKENS! We found some chickens and a coop on Craig's list that were near Sea World. So, Tuesday morning I loaded the kids and our trailer and headed down to San Diego. I did learn that you cannot tow a trailer and use the express lanes.  Thankfully I learned it before the highway patrol saw me. I did travel the whole way, minus the last 8 miles before I figured out I wasn't supposed to be in there though, missing a huge traffic jam from a multi-car pile up. We visited Sea World (previous post) and then went to pick up the chickens. The lady that sold them to us was pretty sad to see them go but her yard was tiny and she was trying to garden. Her son and his friend were there and helped to lift the coop in the trailer. We made it home without hitting rush hour traffic and before dark. We had to wait for daddy to get home to help unload the trailer.

Our new girls- Zebrahead, Liberty (in back), Honeybun, and Snowball
Liberty lays green eggs and the other 3 lay brown eggs.

Jaileigh claimed Honeybun as hers and changed her name to

I was running back and forth from the front yard to the back yard. In one of my back yard visits I caught Anthony swinging one of the chickens around by her tail feathers. We had a long discussion on being NICE! If he gets caught being naughty or mean to the chickens again he gets his skinny jeans taken away.

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