Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wildomar OHV

We took the kids to an OHV park near us on Saturday. We got up there and learned it was closed for fire risk. We just pulled off in a pull out and let the kids ride Annie's quad, their bikes and the little jeep.

Broken tire

Jaileigh running through the meadow in Jake's boots.
Anthony and Michael played in this giant mud puddle for at least an hour.

Sorry for the poor quality. I can not figure out what was wrong. I changed the ISO but I think it was my lens.
Annie and Jake collecting broken clay pigeons.

Jaileigh was pretty upset because I only  gave her one braid and she wanted two.
Jake discovered the mud puddle.
Our view

Jake threw a big rock in the mud puddle and it splashed Michael's face.

Then Jake fell in the mud puddle. {Shock, I know!}

Michael and Jaileigh

Annie again.

Trying to lift the pole- Teamwork!

Helping Annie down the hill.


Horsey, horsey, horsey. These two had so much fun on this sign. I'm pretty sure it said, no off road vehicles, hahahahahaha!


Loading the trailer again. Kids weren't too happy.
In fact, Jakob was throwing a pretty good tantrum.
This girl wins the prize for dirtiest child. This picture does it no justice, she was filthy!

Funny story- I don't think I have a picture of Michael riding the quad alone but he did.  He floored the gas and took off, leaving Mike to chase him in his dust. I guess Mike caught up to him just in time to catch the quad rolling.(I was helping someone go potty) It rolled on top of Mike and Michael escaped injury free. Mike was hopping mad! I was trying so hard not to laugh! I always tell him that Michael is the worst driver and to watch out. I guess he learned! Michael was pretty cautious after that and I think I had to take over Michael duty so no pictures were taken of him. Sorry, maybe next time.

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