Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dumb Chickens!

Last night, in the dark, I was able to catch one of our runaway chickens. The other one flew over the other fence into the swampland. I dropped my flashlight on the other side of the fence and actually had to climb over to get it. While I was over there I looked for her as best as I could. I was practically sitting in some kind of swamp tree while looking. I had Anthony with me because he insisted on coming. He was on the safe side of the fence and was letting me know he wanted to go home. We went home and I left the dumb chicken there.

I kept calling the chickens "dumb chickens" and my kids picked up on it but instead of saying dumb chickens they were walking around saying "damn chickens!" {I did not teach them that word!} I didn't really make a big deal, I just kept asking them if the meant dumb chickens and they said "Oh yeah!"

That night Mike and I clipped one of the chickens wings and put her back in the coop. This morning when we were getting ready the kids came running in and said she had flown on the wall again! I went out and chased her off the wall, caught her, and clipped both wings this time! Now she doesn't fly! (for those of you that don't know, a chickens flight wings can be cut and it doesn't hurt them, it's just like getting a hair cut.)

As for the other chicken, I went and looked for her at dawn and couldn't find her. I assumed she had been eaten by a coyote but I kept an eye out for her. She flew back into the easement from the swampland. The kids were so relieved to see her. She stayed in the easement all day and towards dusk she flew back into our yard. I think she was hungry and thirsty. She has now been clipped, fed, watered and cooped up again.

I think I'm going to sell those little ones just so the big hens don't peck them to death. If anyone wants two naughty chickens, let me know!

While we were waiting for the chicken to cross the wall, we went swimming. I got to the pool and was taking all kinds of pictures before I realized I didn't have my memory card in the camera.When we got home the kids took off for the back yard so I took some pictures back there.

I caught Jake trimming our trees with my house scissors. Check out his outfit- short sleeve shirt under the long sleeve shirt with his croc boots {styling}!
Jake and Anthony giving hugs,
and kisses! Kisses that they promptly wiped off. ha ha ha!
Sweet Michael

Michael getting ready to hoe with his hoe.

Crazy kid!
Sweet Jaileigh - This girl is so tiny. She wears a 4T slim with the sizers cinched to the max and they are still too big for her. She actually fits into 2T's perfectly but she is too tall for the pants.
Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh- I love Michael's smile here.

Jake landed on top of them.
Anthony was getting squished.

Little Annie does not do well without a nap. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from the pool. She was pretty tuckered out.

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