Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cracker Barrel and Playing

Everytime we visit St. George we have to visit Cracker Barrel. Mike and I discovered Cracker Barrel when my brother lived in Arizona and we would go visit him. We were so excited to hear the were building one in St. George. The rule for cracker barrel is wake up and go, no make up or beautifying. Annie even went in her jammies.

This is a parent's nightmare- goodies at your child's eye level.

They all have to touch and they all want one or two.

Most of the gang, minus Karen who was taking the picture.

Each evening, afternoon and morning the kids played with Grandma and Grampa's toys. They had so much fun playing in the yard.

Jake pulling Annie in the wagon.

Karen was so patient. She walked up and down this hill 100's of times with the kids teaching them how to ride the bike. It was a little too big so none of their legs reached the pedals all the way.

Anthony and Karen

Anthony got really good at riding.

Grandma has Jaileigh inside the crazy coupe, Michael on top and the dog on its leash.


This little patch of dirt was a HIGE hit. I almost ran out of clean clothes. I finally just quit changing them.

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