Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zoomars Birthday Party

Our friend turned 4 and invited us to her birthday party at Zoomars petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. What a fabulous place! After the Easter Egg hunt we loaded the car up and headed over the mountain pass to the birthday party.

The boys and the birthday girl. The little baskets were picnic lunches.

Daddy helping the boys.




Michael and Jake

After eating lunch they got to ride the train. The kids all had to ride alone. My kids were all nervous about riding alone. When we got home that night Jake asked why I made him ride alone. He said he had fun but wanted me to go next time.

Holding and feeding the bunnies.

Anthony loved the little guinea pigs. The poor things were probably relieved when we left.

Jaileigh and Michael on the hunt for a friendly rabbit.


The kids were SO EXCITED to ride the horses. I couldn't believe it. They have ridden them before but have always been nervous. Every single one of them walked out there alone and rode their horse with no tears.
Jaileigh and Michael got to go first.

Jaileigh and Annie got the biggest horses.

Michael carried a piece of an apple the whole time. He wanted to feed it to the horse. He got to at the end.

Waving to each other.

Annie was so brave. This picture is so adorable to me. My little baby walking all by herself to ride a horse.

Anthony in front, Jakob back left on the white pony, Annie back right on the big white horse.

Anthony with his tongue hanging out. He was a little nervous but so excited.


Jake was pretty nervous too.

Jaileigh walking back, she was trying so hard not to run. She was so excited and really wanted to go again.



This kid, Anthony, had sooooooo much fun. Here he is chasing the sheep.

Jaileigh finally talked Annie into letting her drive. I have a feeling this is how it's going to be in about 14 years.

Michael trying to feed the goat without having to touch it.

Jaileigh was feeling a little backed into the corner. She was pretty nervous around the goats and sheep.

"Poop" Annie was showing me the poop. She was pretty disgusted with it too.

Look at the cows tongue. Anthony was entranced by it.

We had to go back to the rabbits again.

Jaileigh holding a guinea pig.

That poor thing had to have been scared but look at how happy Jaileigh was.

Birthday cake time!

Patiently waiting.

This is Michael's new thing, sticking his tongue out. He thinks it's hilarious.

Playing in the corn box. This was a huge hit! I even thought about getting one for my yard.

We had so much fun here. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. My kids absolutely had a blast! Thanks Maleiya!

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