Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doheny Beach

As if the Easter Egg Hunt and the birthday party at Zoomars weren't enough for our Saturday, we had to end it with a bang at Doheny State Beach. This is in Dana Pointe which is about 5 miles from San Juan Capistrano. When Mike goes surfing with his buddies they go here sometimes.

The kids did not nap and were still so good. I thought they would be exhausted and cranky but nope, happy as clams. The pictures tell the story themselves so I'll try not to talk too much.


She is not crying even though it looks like it. I love this picture of Jake in the background. I caught him midjump.


Throwing rocks.

Jaileigh splashing Jake. It was cold water and he did not like being splashed.

Warming up.

I cringe when they sit in the sand. I can just picture all that sand getting in their little creases and crevices.

What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day!

We had a 1 hour and 20 minute drive home after this and only Annie fell asleep. Those kids were pretty pooped when they finally got into their beds.

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