Friday, April 27, 2012

Carousel and Splash Park

While Rori was taking finals and Grandma and Grandpa were working we kept ourselves busy. We went to the Carousel and the Splash Park in downtown St. George.

Anthony and Michael testing the waters.

Jaileigh and Annie

Looking at the horses.
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Jake (so weird that they lined up in birth order)

Michael and Jaileigh and Jake

Michael and Anthony

Annie Grace

Jaileigh Addison

Jakey Thomas

Michael Huston

Anthony Joseph

We rode the horses twice. It's free if you are under 42" and with a paying adult ($1). The kids were a little amazed that there weren't seatbelts on the horses like at Disneyland. ha ha!

I changed the kids into their swim suits and let them play.

Jaileigh was the first to get cold.

Annie and Michael trying to swim.

I love this picture of Anthony and Jakob.
The random kid in the picture above walked up to Annie and shoved her. I was watching from a little ways away and started slowly walking over. She had the funniest look on her face. She was pretty shocked but quickly got over the shock and shoved him right back. He pushed her back. Then she pushed him back two times and took off running to me. I don't know where that little boys parent was but I was sure laughing.

Sweet Jake

Jaileigh and Michael

My boys.

My girls.

There was a little boy with a water gun and they all wanted him to spray them. They lined up in front of him and were all saying "spray me, spray me!"  

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